Assignment #2

Congratulations on passing the Skype Interview.

Below is a real finished cabin example and a floorplan / 2D example. (For two different Cabins, the 2D is only for reference, so you know what we are looking for)

The task is, to take the below READY cabin, turn it into 2D, something similar to the 2D example attached below.

You can guess the size and dimensions but must correspond to the real cabin photo. You should also provide some Construction Detail drawings, these don’t have to be in line with UK building regulations. Please also provide instructions for NON-Architects (This will be built, in theory, by DIY enthusiasts, and people who like to create their own projects, and are not necessarily an architect)

Please write a short 300-350 word SEO article, with the title “Reasons you should own a tiny house”

EXTRA: Ad advantage would be to turn the real Cabin, into a simple 3D model. This is an advantage, but not required. Just a nice to have.

None of the below will be used in real life, and these are just to assess your abilities.

Please let us know if you have any questions BEFORE starting the project.

Please make sure you track your time, and let us know how long it took you to complete each task, and tools you used.

Best of luck

Looking forward to working with you

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