8 changes your home will need facing pandemic

8 changes your home will need facing pandemic

Being housebound we have realized how important it is to have a home that does not miss the smallest detail.

But even more shocking has been to discover how some of the corners of the house have changed radically in record time. Given this new reality with which we will have to live during the coming months, we wanted to highlight for stays those small changes that you would have to apply.

Months after fighting the Covid-19 many things are no longer as before, such as the priorities and classic functions of each room. For instance, the entrance hall has been transformed into the first aid box where we keep our kit to go out every day and the kitchen is a disinfection room for shopping. We tell you what you should take into account right now to adapt yourself better than anyone else to the new times.

Entrance hall
Up until now it was very underestimated, but with everything that has happened in the last few months it has become a living space. Why? Well, because at this time it acts as a shield between our home and the street, and as if that weren’t enough, it’s where we eliminate any kind of threat we may have brought home from the outside. It is always nice to have a shelf where you can keep essential items such as masks, gloves or disinfectant gels at hand, as well as a small trash can where you can get rid of the material already used or contaminated. Even if you have a little corner to leave your shoes, your bag or your motorcycle helmet, don’t forget to reduce those square meters of superfluous elements that are not so important at the moment.

Just as in the hall, in every good kitchen we should have the necessary space to be able to leave the shopping bags in a flash and clean the products easily with a lye cloth. That clear area, when ordered, could have a plastic surface at waist level to deposit the bags effortlessly and not have to bend down every time we want to disinfect an item.

The sink, for reasons you can imagine, also has a higher value than in the past. So if you’ve always wanted to invest in a bigger one, yes, now is the time. And let’s not talk about taps anymore. Faucets with electronic automatic sensors are highly prized, and the same can be said of those faucets that allow water to flow with a strategically placed button on the high spout. The latter are much cleaner and can be turned on and off with the elbow.

clear shower stall


Living room
Not only is order the great pillar of any home, but also cleanliness. A removable cover sofa is always very grateful because it makes it easier to wash every little time. And you should also apply this to all the textiles you have at home, including carpets or those curtains with stain-removal treatment that have become so fashionable recently for more than obvious reasons. Anything that makes day-to-day life easier is always welcome.

persons finger on macbook pro


Work area
Generating as little waste as possible while working is very important, so having a trash can on hand makes a difference. Obviously, given the circumstances, remember to disinfect your computer’s keyboard and mouse as many times as necessary. It is always better to err on the side of cleanliness and caution than to get an unpleasant surprise.

black laptop computer on brown wooden table


Children’s bedroom
Just as you have your work area, the little ones should also enjoy a place where they can play freely or simply do their homework.
Avoid them doing it in the living room, and even more so if you are not lucky enough to have your own office and have no choice but to work remotely there. Even though you all live under the same roof, delimiting spaces is an unwritten rule of coexistence.

Master bedroom
Ventilating the house has a number of health benefits, so imagine doing that in the room where you sleep and charge your batteries every night. You should do it every day, without exception, both after you wake up and a few minutes before you go to bed. And the same goes for your clothes. For example, a coat rack in the bedroom to hang your pajamas never gets in the way. On the contrary.

You have to know how to take advantage of this armored scenario abroad because, above all, it is a privilege. Any balcony or terrace can be a much more multi-functional place than you think, so since every square inch counts, don’t hesitate to have only folding furniture. The more mobility, the better.

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