Benefits of Skylights

Benefits of Skylights

If you are looking for an effective way to bring in natural light to your home, skylights are the best option. Skylights are windows placed on the roof. Whether operable or not, Its primary purpose is to introduce daylight into the interior. Moreover, skylights have many types that are typically used. We listed down the benefits of Skylights at home:

Types of Skylight

There are several kinds of skylights in the market today. Depending on your needs and budget, you may choose from these common types:

Fixed Skylight: Fixed skylight is the most common and the simplest skylight. Its sole function is to keep daylight coming into your home. With its non-operable glass panels, It cannot be a source of natural venitlation. This is the cheapest to install.

Ventilated Skylights: Ventilated Skylights serve different purposes. Firstly, It works as a natural light provider. Secondly, It can be a source of natural ventilation. These are commonly installed in the kitchen and bathroom because these rooms need constant ventilation and moisture prevention.

Tubular Skylight: Tubular skylights are round and tunnel-like in shape. It catches natural light through reflective material installed inside the tube. This is a common solution where there are no roof space for larger skylights.

Ridge Skylight: Ridge skylight wraps over the roof pitch-or the ridge. You can use this skylight type if you want to bring more light to the interior. Or, if your skylight continues the same angle of the roof and coincides with the roof ridge.  

Shaped Skylight: Shaped skylights forms in different possible shapes. For example, A dome skylight, Pyramid Skylight or a Barrel shaped.

Why Should I Install a Skylight?

There are many reasons why many homeowners prefer installing skylight. Apart from the main function of bringing in natural light, It can also maintain home privacy, can promote health benefits and can help in decreasing your electric bill.

1. Skylight brings Natural Lighting

Skylight’s main function is to bring light to the interior of your home. Skylight provides openness, brightness, better lighting without glare and brings out the natural colours of the room. Also, skylights give clarity inside your home during daytime without the need of a brighter artificial light.

2. Skylight Maintains Privacy

Skylights can also maintain your home’s privacy. If your home was built close to your neighbours, you don’t have to worry about opening your windows for natural light. You can still get the natural light inside and at the same time, maintain your privacy.

3. Skylight have Health Benefits

Skylights can also benefit your health. The sunlight provides Vitamin D that can support immune system. Therefore, getting enough sunlight is good for the body. Moreover, Vitamin D helps improve your mood through reducing stress and increases positive mood according to different studies.

Natural light can also kill bacteria. With this, skylight can kill bacteria in the surfaces of the kitchen where our food are being prepared.

4. Skylight increases Energy Efficiency

Skylight is also a good way to reduce electric or energy consumption. By installing one, It can reduce your electric consumption costs 10 percent based on other homeowner accounts. You don’t need to turn on the lights and reduce air-conditioning with the ventilation from operable skylights. It is also a sustainable option that helps reduce global warming with lesser energy consumption.

5. Skylight Improves Interior Appeal

Aside from its function, skylight also improves aesthetic of your home. It gives clarity in color of your furniture and finishes, therefore, improving the appeal of the interior design.

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