Common Errors in House Planning

Common Errors in House Planning

So you’re ready to plan your dream home. Please consider these tips before you start to do your first sketches to avoid these common Errors in House Planning:

1. Distinguish between “Living areas” and “Service areas”

Use with criteria the area that you have available. Unnecessarily large “Service areas” will take away precious square meters from the “Living areas”.

2. Cross-circulations

A clean area distribution prevents people from crossing through the center of a space to reach others.

3. Opening Doors

Doors in the majority of cases should turn towards next space inner wall. 

4. Generating Empty Spaces

It’s an obvious statement but when floor-planning it is easy to end up leaving “dead spaces” with no clear utility. These are also lost square meters. 

5. Bathroom Distribution

When you open the bathroom door the first thing you should see is the lavatory and not the toilet or shower.

6. Circulation Spaces

Another mistake when floor planning will be to lose many square meters in circulation spaces. Nobody likes or needs long hallways. 

7. Height of the Living Spaces

The average height of a standard room is 2.40 meters, but if you live in a hot city may be interested in increasing the height by 20 or up to 40 centimetres more ass hot air tends to occupy the highest areas of the room.

8. Storage

No matter how much you like a minimalist house, you must not forget that you have many things to keep. Be practical, count from the beginning with the necessary wardrobes and storage furniture.

9. Window Planning

It is essential to carefully consider how many windows will you install, their size and positioning. Consider where the south or north to profit sunshine. Take into account that larger windows will let in more light but it’s an energy loss area. Windows on opposite sides of the house is useful for ventilation reasons.

10. Distribution regarding orientation.

Living room should ideally be located in the south areas of your home plan while kitchen could be in the north. This will be the other way round if you live in the southern hemisphere of the earth.


Knowing this basics is key. Once you get familiar with them you will be ready to start your home plan with a good guarantee of success. Once you have already have the plan sketch, try visualizing it in a computer-aided design software like Arcon Evo or 3D Architect Home Designer. This is also a way to avoid common errors is house planning.

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