Free Home Planner Software

Free Home Planner Software

The home planner is the first tool every self-builder should use. It can save a lot of time, and to optimize the whole work process.

With a home planner software, you can create different versions of your kitchen, living room, bedroom, garden, and even more.

There are only a few things to understand before using a good planner. You can start with a free account and online (cloud-based) version for laptop, desktop, and mobile.

Get started with home design software  

Are you curious about the possibilities of this software? Would you like to know all the advantages of the home planner, and how you can save a lot of money with any property renovation/restoration?

You are the creator, the maker, and the designer. It’s easy to apply different home ideas, feng shui principles, and simple types with a 3d view.

The layout is flexible to build whatever you wish. You can discuss the idea with your family and friends. It’s a drop-and-drag software, so you make all changes and re-arrangements very quickly. There is no need to install any software, and you can get access to your home plans from any device.  

Would you like to create an account and enjoy the process of designing your own home? is totally free and good if you are just messing about with plans. Sketchup also has a free version.

However, if you are SERIOUS about planning, we suggest using some paid software. We have a wide range of 100% ACCURATE drawing software, that you can utilise for your needs. Please refer to our 3D Home Design range section on the website.

Free Vs Paid

  • Free software is free for a reason…
  • Not easy to use
  • Not accurate
  • No support
  • VERY LIMITED features
  • Time-consuming with limited user experience research
  • More like a “game” than a real CAD software
  • Great for playing around with however can be a total waste of time as none of the plans can get exported/imported in a professional software
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