What is an Architecture Home Design software? with examples

What is an Architecture Home Design software? with examples

 What does “architecture home design software” mean?

When we talk about “home design” or “building design” we are referring to the applications used for designing buildings or spaces. On this process of designing both interior and exterior of a house, flat or any other space, computers —as in many aspects of daily life— are of great use.

How to choose your home design software?

• First things first. What device will you be using? Depending on the device you will be using, you’ll have to be sure that the system requirements and the software are compatible.

• The usability of the software is something important to value. What is your learning curve?

• It may be a little obvious, but it is vital to know what you want to do in the moment of picking one program or another. From drawing a floor plan, to create a presentation or if you’re prepared to build…the tools you’ll need are quite different.

Which are the top programs on this field and why?

It was 1982 when Autodesk launched AutoCAD. Since that moment, it is one of the main models in design software. So ‘auto’ comes from the name of the company that developed the software, and ‘CAD’ refers to ‘Computer Assisted Design’. Possibly AutoCAD main strength is the high-quality standard codes that it presents. AutoCAD works with a system based on layers (same as Photoshop, for instance) and vector images, but it allows to import different types of files.

Revit departs from BIM system. That means that it is much easier to visualize the global by the representation of each one of the elements that make it up. On Revit, the learning curve is not very big, so it is useful from the first moment. Revit does not calculate the structures, in case you need to get that done, you’ll need some extra software.

Possibly the best part of SketchUp is its great component library, but the process of building your model is mostly manual. From the first moment you open the program, it’ll be practical and useful. SketchUp became quite known because of the free and easy-to-use version. Also, it has potent rendering motors.

Looking for something faster and easier?

Why not check out our Home Designer range?

Our software, 3D Architect, is one of the first names to pop up in a search for 3D Architecture home design software. Its tools for home design, interior design, even for kitchen and bath design are automated, so this software makes it easier to complete the process. 3D Architect offers the software both to be used by professionals (Arcon Evo range) and non-professionals.

Please have a look at the compare software section for more information.

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