Convert your hand-drawn or image floor plan into a digital floor plan

Here you can scan your drawing into Arcon Evo / 3D Architect Pro and 3D Architect Expert

Imagine you have the prints from a floor plan, e.g. from an architect, or from a magazine. You do not have access to the digital CAD files. For example, DWG / DXF files are not available. Not to worry. You can scan your drawing into Arcon Evo / 3D Architect, and convert it into a fully customisable digital floor plan.

You can also import ANY floor plan image / scan , and just trace over it, if it is not drawn professionally in the first place.

Scan Assistant

Use the Scan Assistant to link directly to your TWAIN compatible scanner or import directly from an existing image file. Using the simple wizard, you can then scan an existing paper copy of a plan or drawing from your scanner directly into Arcon Evo or just use it to import an existing image file to use as a background image for tracing over.

Step 1: Load Image first, to convert your image (bmp, jpg, png) into a CAD floor plan

Image to CAD floor plan convertor

Arcon Evo’s scan assistant will automatically detect the floor plan and orientate and scale it. You can also import saved images directly into the software without conversion.

If you do not have a TWAIN compatible scanner driver installed on your PC (Most modern scanners should have this option, but check with your scanner’s manufacturer if this option is not available on the import tool), you can use the image as a background, and trace over it manually using the easy wall drawing tool. For an image like the one above, it will take you only a few minutes to trace over the whole floor plan. Please make sure you use a mouse to make things easier.

Step 2: Optimize image settings

Image to CAD Floor Plan convert

Step 3: Adjust alignment

Scan images wizard Arcon Evo

Step 4: Determine scale through two points. For more accuracy, use the Zoom drop-down, mouse wheel or type in a value to zoom in to image

Create floor plan from image file

Step 5: Define snap points with slider. You can determine the level of snap points on the image to allow construction elements to snap to image more easily when tracing/drawing over the background image

3D Architect Arcon Evo Floor Plan Import Tool