Porch Building Guide: What to Know

Porch Building Guide

A porch is a covered area projecting from the entrance of your home. There are several reasons for adding a porch, aside from the aesthetic benefits. Furthermore, this Porch building guide, we’ll help you understand the benefits, considerations and limitations of building one. 

What are the benefits of having a porch?

Curb Appeal – Building a porch enhances the curb appeal of your home, therefore increasing the home’s value. 

Aesthetics – It is a good feature where you can welcome guests before entering your home

Protection for your Main Door – A roofed porch serves as protection of your precious main door from the heat and rain.

  1. Front Door Canopy 


If you are from the UK then a front door shelter or canopy is a must! This door’s elegant canopy can be used for sheltering from rain, snow, sun and wind. Easy to install, the package has the instructions and 6 screw sets and 6 plastic hats for screws for fast installment.

  1. Security Lights
Security Lights


Not only will porch lights make your home more secure but these ones in particular will help you save cost as they are eco – friendly. Built-in a sensitive light sensor and PIR motion sensor, the sensor motion lights can pick up movement from a small dog/cat easily.

  1. Storage Space


You can keep all your gardening tools and equipment in this storage to save space in your garden and make it look well organized.

  1. Flower Pots

Adding plants to your garden will make it more appealing, and give your home a natural essence. 


 Porch Planning Permission

Porch additions fall under permitted development. This means not requiring planning permission before building it. However, just like any other permitted development projects, you must meet the limits and conditions. Here are the conditions that you need to comply:

a. The porch area do not exceed 3 square metres

Maximum Porch Area IllustrationMaximum area of 3 square metres (Floor Plan from our Home Design Software)

b. Highest part of the porch do not exceed 3 metres

Maximum Porch Height IllustrationMaximum height of 3 metres (Floor Plan from our Home Design Software)

c. Also, Porch to be located 2 metres or more from the boundary fronting highway

d. Same materials used as existing

Please note that the permitted development applies only to houses. Flats, maisonettes and other buildings have different regulations to follow. It is better to seek advice from your local planning officer and a professional.

    Porch Building Regulations

Your porch is exempted in building regulations approval if it is less than 30 square metres. Additionally, exemption if:

  1. The front entrance door between the existing house and new porch remains.
  2. If the house has ramped or level access for disabled people, the porch must not adversely affect access. 

5. Porches Manual Guide

Starting with descriptions of the different types of porches, “Ultimate Guide: Porches” takes the reader through the entire porch-building process. Along the way, readers learn building tips and techniques from professional builders.


6. Building Regulations


You will find in this handy guide all the information you need to comply with the UK Building Regulations and Approved Documents that you need to know about building regulations.

7. Curb Appeal


In this comprehensive guide to exterior house improvements, you will find before-and-after pictures that show you how to enhance the look of your house as well as how-to instructions for improving the look of doors, windows, fences and much more.

We hope that this porch building guide helps you before building your porch!

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