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Arcon Evo Architecture Software

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Professional House Design Floor Planner

Arcon Evo lets you simultaneously plan and visualize your creative ideas in 3D. Unlike many CAD products, you do not need specialist CAD knowledge to get the most from the software. Simply place your construction elements, e.g. walls, doors, roof, stairs and windows, in the 2D project. With a single mouse click, you’ll instantly see these in a 3D environment. In this 3D environment, you can also examine and control illumination effects, add textures, materials and finishes and place and manipulate furniture objects.
Whether you’re a self-builder, builder, interior designer or home improver, Arcon Evo not only provides high-performance planning software, but also an effective instrument for presentations. Often, substantial differences exist between a project plan and an artist’s 3D impression, however, Arcon Evo’  rendering and walkthrough in the building project will help you avoid errors arising from such mistakes.

Professional Architectural Software

Be the king of your castle with our powerful and easy to use 3D House Design Software, trusted by professionals for creating professional floor plans , elevations and building 3D models.

Kite Easy

It's fun to use

Why not have a bit of fun while you're creating a professional house plan? Arcon Evo makes the process very easy and enjoyable with many out-of-the-box libraries.

Fast Floor Planner software

Save time

Instead of spending weeks creating floor plans and elevation using generic conventional CAD software, create plans in minutes with the bespoke tools.

Professional CAD

Arcon Evo is a powerful, flexible 3D architectural design package offering an extensive range of House design tools for all aspects of house building design allowing you to construct to the smallest level of detail.

Unlimited License

Lifetime license

The license gives you unlimited lifetime access to the software with no project limits. You can also run the license on your laptop and PC at the same time.

We love timber

Create timber framings for roofs and walls with transparent view mode options.

BIM CAD House Design Software

BIM ready

Connect to popular BIM software. Exchange project-related data via the IFC BIM interface.

Why Arcon Evo?

Arcon Evo saves you time. A lot of it! Unlike generic CAD software, Arcon Evo has been developed around practical house design needs.

You will have the flexibility to create rapid floor plans in minutes instead of days, and because Arcon Evo is compatible with major CAD software out there, you can exchange plans with other architects / designers via email.

Don’t spend hours searching the internet for object CAD files or  designing doors / window frames / roofs. With Arcon’s built-in tools, everything is under one roof with many preloaded libraries already at your fingertips. 

It’s very easy to use, with literally no previous CAD experience requirements, and, yet professional enough to be an alternative solution to popular CAD software for Architecture firms.

Main Features

  • Easy to use 2D floor plan designer
  • Automatic 2D to 3D floor plan converter
  • Export project to WebGL and O2C
  • Automatic elevation plan creator
  • Object library for furniture, doors, windows, roofs etc
  • Simple electrical and plumbing placements
  • Import FREE objects from OnlineWarehouse's library
  • Modify elevation sections
  • Connect to Google Earth
  • Dormer editor tool
  • Door and window designer tool
  • Extended construction element property display options
  • Supports formats such as 3DS, DAW, PDF, DFX, DWG

2D Drawing Tools

Simple but powerful floor planner

simple floor plan in interface

Designing and building your floor plan shouldn’t be a difficult task. That’s why Arcon Evo provides all the tools needed for drawing your house plan. Create complex shapes, set wall types, thickness, wall cavity, entrance, stairs, internal / external walls, 100s of different type of built in doors and windows and much more.

Create 2D elevations

Elevation complete

Share your design with other architects and submit your plans to the planning authorities, using our built in easy drag and drop planning elevation tool.

building regulation plans with elevation

Detailed drawing and regs

Add full measurements and details to your plans and import building regs, such as Building Regs Pro, into your drawings. 

Sharing your project

O2C and WebGL export options
Play Video

You can export Arcon Evo projects to several industry standard file formats, including PDF, DWG and DXF.

You can also share your entire Functioning 3D Model via O2C player. This means your client or architect does NOT need to run Arcon Evo to run your 3D model. You can even perform functions such as walkthrough and 3D tours via the exported stand-alone file.

Built In Design Tools

Built-in roof & dormer designer

roof designer tool

Timber frame tool

timber roof designer software

Design your own roof and merge different roof types, using the built-in roof designer tool. You can now import your own cladding texture, define thickness and other properties, within the roof designer tool on Arcon Evo. 

Stairs designer

stair designer software

You have a large preloaded library of stairs to choose from. Each stair can be modified to meet your needs. This includes, not limited to, adjusting railing gaps, thickness, steps, construction type and much more.

Built-in door and window designer

house window designer

Use our premade doors and windows from the door / window library, or design your own. 

Interior Design Tools

3D floor plan

3D floor plan with furniture

Why not visualise what your final work may look like in reality? You can convert your 2D floor plan to a 3D visual floor plan by using the automatic 3D floor plan tool. Here you can add furnitures, change wall and floor colour / texture and carry out a full 360 walkthrough using the virtual tour tool.

Transparent mode

Create transparent walls to showcase your property to clients, builders.  designers and  architects.

House walkthrough

Adding skylights

Easy Interface

Arcon Evo User Interface Explained

While using Arcon Evo you will find many things in common with other Windows programs and where possible, Arcon Evo makes use of standard Windows functions and dialog boxes. Accordingly you will find familiar menu items such as File -> New, File -> Open , and Edit functions like Cut, Copy and Paste. If you have already worked with other Windows programs, you will recognize the basic operation of the Windows user interface. For example, how to select a menu option from a menu, how to open and minimise windows, and how to launch and exit a program.

  1. Tool Menu Bar
  2. Tool Placement Context Bar
  3. Standard Menu Bar
  4. Horizontal Icon Bar
  5. Tool Options / Objects Catalogue
  6. Main Worksheet
  7. Status Bar
  8. Numeric Input
  9. Tool Options Header Bar

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Which version is right for me?

Arcon Evo

Arcon Evo Software
  • For Architects
  • For Builders
  • For Property Developers
  • All-In-One Solution
  • Advanced Planning Tools
  • Advanced 3D Tools

3D Architect Pro

3D Architect Home Designer Pro
  • For Builders
  • For Real Estates
  • For Property Developers
  • Large 2D / 3D Library
  • Advanced Drawing Tools
  • Advanced Elevation Planner

3D Architect Expert

3D Architect Home Designer Expert
  • For Self-builders
  • For Home Improvers
  • For Interior Designers
  • For Renovators
  • Large Door / Window / Roof / Object Library
  • Virtual Tour

3D Architect Basic

  • Renovators & re-modellers
  • DIY enthusiasts
  • Home improvers
  • Basic Object, Door, Window & Roof Library
  • Easy Floor Planner Tool
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