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  • Foundation cad drawings pack UK building regulations step 4 strip
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  • Foundation cad drawings pack UK building regulations Wall Floor Junction Detail
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Foundations Building Regulation Drawings Pack

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This edition covers details on STANDARD FOUNDATION TYPES in compliance with the UK Building Regulations. Depending on the soil type and site conditions, foundations must be built in order to construct an extension, accessory building or a new-build home.

Submit specific detail drawings and specifications from this pack to the Building Control to help you get approved easily.

The details and specifications in our Building Regulation pack are compiled to meet the building standards and professionally drawn for clarity.

Includes all of the 14 standard Vector files detail drawings in DWG, PDF, DXF and HIGH RESOLUTION JPEG format + Masterlist of all drawings in Excel format.

Save time and money with our compiled Foundations Building Regulation Drawings Pack for UK. This bundle pack includes all the necessary regulation-compliant window detail drawings. All the Roof detail drawings and specifications set in one pack!

You don’t have to waste effort trying to find a building regulation drawings and specifications. Also, save your money on hiring a professional to do the drawings for you.

We have Foundations Building Regulation Drawings pack that is ready to use on any project! You can use these drawings for renovations, extensions and new build projects.  All professionally drawn and UK standard-compliant. 

All remastered and simplified drawings bundle contains 4 different formats. Specifically, DWG (Autocad original format compatible with many CAD-based software), DXF (ultra compatible format with almost any vector software), PDF and JPG. Also, the drawings are all compatible with our Home Design Software products and ready for layout. 

Includes editable drawing files in DWG & DXF format. And also PDF & JPG files. Fully Compatible with Image Editing and CAD Software.

This Foundations pack has 14 detail drawings (in 56 files) including:

  • Raft Foundation (Continuous slab resting on the ground as foundation)
  • Strip Foundation (Continuous concrete strip supporting load-bearing walls)
  • Trench Foundation (Concrete fill on trench for foundation)
  • Stepped Foundations: Trench, Strip Foundation (Foundation is stepped up to slope)
  • Foundation detail near drains
  • Pile Foundation (deep foundation through piles)
  • Pile-Timber Frame Detail
  • Floor and Wall Junction


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    Very convenient.
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