Pros and Cons of Wallpaper: Is it the right choice?

  • Pros and Cons of Wallpaper

There are many pros and cons of wallpapers,  and are a common choice in transforming walls and the room as a whole. But the big question is – Is it the right choice? It’s not a simple decision as wallpapers have their advantages and disadvantages. It is important because walls can transform the mood of your home. Continue reading as we list down the pros and cons of wallpaper and what is the best material to use.

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Wallpaper covers walls and acts as a decorative element for interior spaces. It is installed by gluing the material with an adhesive to plain walls. There are different types of wallpaper in the market today that include Vinyl, Fiberglass, non-woven or textile.

Pros and Cons of Wallpaper

1. Aesthetics

Wallpaper comes in different styles, designs or patterns. If you are looking for a unique wall treatment, wallpaper is a good choice. It is available in different materials depending on the application. Unlike paint, wallpaper is fully customizable with endless shades, patterns and textures. Wallpaper patterns are an easy way to change the room’s appearance. For example, vertical stripes can make your ceilings appear higher, while horizontal stripes can give the room an illusion of wideness.

Conclusion: If you are looking to treat your walls with patterns or texture but with ease of installation, wallpaper is the solution. Many designers use wallpaper as an accent and this became a popular interior trend.

PROS: Wallpapers are available in a wide variety of designs, styles, textures and patterns. You can also customize the design with the use of prints. Another advantage is that it effectively covers wall defects rather than plastering walls.

CONS: Few solid colors, risk of being outdated with patterns

2. Durability

If the installation is done correctly, a high-quality wallpaper with vinyl coating can last for 10 to 15 years. Durable enough to offer great sustainability and reliability. Choose wallpaper that is washable which is incredibly practical and convenient especially for busy areas.

Conclusion: Choose high-quality, vinyl-coated, washable wallpaper to ensure durability.

PROS: Can last up to 15 years with proper installation and material

CONS: High-quality wallpapers are expensive. Peeling is a major disadvantage especially with the presence of moisture. Wallpapers are not recommended for moist areas such as bathrooms or kitchen.

3. Installation

Installation of wallpaper requires lesser process and tools as compared to paint. It is also less messy than having paint splashes on the floor. Though it might look easy, It can also be difficult to install. Additionally, It requires measuring, cutting to size and matching seams.

Conclusion: We do not recommend DIY Installation of wallpaper as it is a specialty work and Installation can be tricky. This is also to avoid air bubbles behind the wallpaper.

PROS: Wallpaper installation requires fewer tools and materials. During installation, it is less messy than paint. With this reason, it can be a good solution for home improvements.

CONS: Wallpapers are time-consuming and more challenging to install than paint. It is advisable to hire a professional wallpaper hanger to avoid costly mistakes. It is difficult and tricky to install wallpapers in areas where you need cutouts and cutting.

Do you need to remove a Wallpaper prior to installing a new one? Try these:

 · Chemical free wallpaper remover

 · Wallpaper scraper

4. Cost-Effectiveness

Wallpapers are cheaper than painting a room if your wallpaper lasts up to 15 years. However, the cost depends on the design and type. Although, wallpapers also have higher initial costs that include preparation and removal of old wallpaper.

Conclusion: Purchasing a good quality wallpaper is more practical than repainting walls after several years.

PROS: Good quality wallpaper is more cost-effective than having the walls repainted after several years.

CONS: High initial costs, expensive to re-do or reinstall a new wallpaper. Your wallpaper choice, especially patterned ones should be timeless and not outdated after several years. Not recommended to reinstall new wallpapers after several years and very costly.

From Cadcabin we want to make some wallpaper recommendations that will fit a variety of styles and needs:

 · Brick Effect Wallpaper

 · Blooming Vintage Floral Birds Wallpaper

 · Big Roses warm Wallpaper

 · Embossed Texture Victorian

 · Geometry Stripped Hexagon

 · Color Vertical Stripes Wallpaper


While many still see wallpapers as old fashioned, designers still use wallpaper as a beautiful wall treatment. Modern wallpapers are now more durable and stylish. However, it will require a lot of time and effort to install. In this pros and cons of wallpaper articles, we conclude to try having wallpaper accents on key walls. Use patterns to plain walls and focal points. In this way, it is more practical and gives your wall a variety of texture and colours.

If you are planning to set up Wallpaper in your home, I recommend some tools below so you won’t have to waste your time searching and finding nothing. 

  1. Wallpaper steamer 
Wallpaper steamer

When you are planning to remove your old wallpaper to be replaced with a new one. This steamer is easy to use and can easily be used to remove from the wall as well as other flat surfaces. It is available on amazon for £32.51

You can purchase this set of complete installation tools for installing wallpaper, trimming ceilings, wrapping vinyl, or tinting windows or glass. £9.97

When it comes to wallpaper, you just need to use the tool to smooth out air pockets and imperfections. If you want a neat trim, you’ll use a knife to slice along the straight edge. Finally, you’ll apply the tool to the seams to bond them. This is on amazon for £3.97.

Using it is easy – all you need to do is put paste on the walls before you wallpaper them. It is long lasting and you can only install 20 rolls at a time. This product is on Amazon £7.25.

These 6 wallpaper tools will ensure a smooth finish without lumps or sagging, not only when you apply the paste, but also when you install it. This product is on amazon for £10.00.

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