Tips for Choosing Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom Tiles - 5 Tips for Choosing Bathroom Tiles

Here are some important tips for choosing bathroom tiles. Choosing the right bathroom tiles is an essential part of home design. Make sure you maximize your bathroom’s space by selecting stylish, Durable and right type of tile. But, many factors come into play in choosing the perfect shower tile. Your bathroom design dictates the type of tile that you can use. Let these 5 tips for choosing bathroom tiles guide you in your search for the perfect bathroom.

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1. Set the Budget

Do not buy on impulse and set a practical budget. Before you purchase, do your analysis, therefore, you have already got a thought concerning price and also the characteristics of every tile. With almost unlimited choices, establishing your budget is the easiest way to narrow down options. 

In looking for the type and price, ceramic is the least expensive option, with porcelain being more expensive. In the next tips, we will discuss these types and their characteristics.

Budget Planner

Budget Planner

This elegant budget planner lets you create a budget for your bathroom and avoid overspending. You can see how much you have to spend and you can list the companies you want to contact for the best deal.

2. Ceramic or Porcelain Tile?

Porcelain and Ceramic tiles are often used interchangeably as if they were the same thing. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are both part of a general ceramic tiles group. But with slight differences in the characteristics.

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain Tiles absorb less water, stain-resistant, more hardwearing. These tiles have much less rate of water absorption, so these are the best option to use for shower and exterior. With regards to colour, It runs through the whole tile. Because of Its through-body composition. pattern and colour is still the same when chipped. Generally, porcelain tiles are more durable and long-lasting, which means it may be more cost-efficient. The only disadvantage of porcelain tile is It is harder to cut than ceramic tiles and may require a professional installer.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic is more porous and less dense as compared to porcelain. Being less impenetrable as compared to porcelain, it’s easier to cut ceramic tiles. Unlike porcelain tiles, the colour is only on the glaze and different underneath. Because of its properties, It can only be used indoors making the appearance of your interior aesthetically improved. 

  1. ceramic tiles

This is a highly recommended ceramic kitchen edge brick effect tile finish. The light grey colour will make your bathroom look modern, minimalistic and spacious.

3. Choose the Style

Accent Wall Tiles - 5 Tips for Choosing Bathroom Tiles

Let your bathroom showcase your overall home style. Before choosing, It’s important to know what part of your bathroom you want to have tiles. Do you want to tile your entire bathroom walls or just one accent wall? or only shower area is tiled? Knowing the tile locations will help you figure out the tile that best fits your needs. An accent tile may be an additional option, or a border tile for baseboard other than a general tile design. 

It is key to choose tiles that match your bathroom’s palette. If you have a small bathroom, try choosing neutral coloured ones to create an illusion of bigger  and broader space. You may also choose to make a statement by adding quirky, vibrant tiles that can serve as accents to your space.  You can have the end wall, shower or mirror wall as your accent.

  1. Data Colour Reader

If you go to a store to find a product to match your bathroom’s decor, you can scan the colour data to see which one is right for you. Capture colour inspiration anywhere, then scan the colour you want to match from a flat, solid surface, working with the ColorReader app (iPhone or Android) for accurate colour results

4. Choose The right Tile Size

Neutral Bathroom Tiles- 5 Tips for Choosing Bathroom Tiles

Matching colors of tiles for floor and wall makes the bathroom look cleaner, bigger and modern.

Choosing the right tile size may have a significant effect in your bathroom design. Choose tiles that will complement the size of your room. Generally, a medium-sized tile is a safe option for small bathrooms. As a rule of thumb, lesser lines will make your space look bigger. Just make sure that your tiles have rectified edges and use a grout colour that matches them. You can also mix and match with mosaic tiles on some parts. Large-format tiles are good to emphasize the size of a bathroom to look elongated. Another tip is If you have a smaller bathroom, tile installed in a diagonal pattern can give the illusion of a larger room.

The Adobe Photoshop software is ideal for creating your own visual so you know how it would turn and can majorly help you save cost by giving you and idea if you want to go ahead with the concept of the bathroom design 

5. Finalize Look and Measurements

  1. Above Photoshop 

Before finally purchasing your bathroom tiles, there are several things you also need to consider. Ask for samples. Ask your tile supplier to give you sample tiles and take it home with you. Fitting the tile into the actual space will give you a different opinion. You can get a good idea of whether the tile fits your room style, double-check the size and soak-test the tiles for quality control. It is better safe than sorry!

  1. Measuring tape

Using this tape, you can measure the size of your bathroom to avoid the mistake of buying the wrong size tiles and purchasing them in the right quantity. 

Another important task before heading out to the tile store is to check measurements. Measure the length and width of the space you would like to cover with tiles and multiply it to get the area. After getting the entire area measurement, you can divide this with the area of each tile. But you can always have your tile supplier compute how many tiles you need with just the bathroom area. Add 10-15 percent extra to your computation to compensate for breakage and emergencies.

We hope that these 5 tips for choosing bathroom tiles help you in your search for the perfect bathroom! Always showcase your personal style!

  1. Project planner

Drawing your own bathroom will help you visualize what it looks like and what size it would be before you buy and help you be on top of how to go about with designing your bathroom. 

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