Tips for Designing Your Dream Home

Are you excited to build your dream home, here are a few tips for designing your dream home? You have probably bought the perfect property yet still feel uncertain on what you need to consider before designing your dream home. Designing your dream home is not an easy task to accomplish.The process is definitely an exciting phase for future homeowners but there are several things that you need to know in order to have a beautiful and functional home. Here are some amazing tips for designing your dream home:

1. Plan Ahead 

Before the proper design stage, you must know what type of house you want to build. Depending on your need, the house can be a bungalow, an apartment, a two-storey, multi-storey type. You need to analyze how your family can live comfortably. How many family members are there? Do you need more bedrooms? Are you expecting more children in the future? 

Look at your current home and answer these common questions:

Planning Ahead of Designing Your Dream Home
  • Do I have enough living space?
  • Am I constricted with kitchen space?
  • Do I need more natural light?
  • Is privacy enough?
  • Do I need more storage space?
  • What other spaces are essential for my family?
  • Is my current room layout efficient in terms of flow and function?
  • Should I need more bathrooms?
  • Do I need an outdoor space or a garden?
  • Should I need a garage structure? 
  • Will a 2-storey home be comfortable and accessible to live in? Will aging family members be able to access the upper storey?

Each question represents an important factor in deciding the house type and layout that you need. Moreover, avoid providing rooms that might be under-utilized, or that can’t be easily repurposed. Do not build large spaces that you don’t really need. Sure, a spacious home is comfortable, but is it really useful in the long run? Remember, larger space means more construction which means added cost.

  1. Inspirational Home Design book

If you’re struggling on how to go about with the  design and layout of the house, then you  should give this guide book a read. This guide is a great starting point for anyone planning to redesign or build their new home to better suit their lifestyle. You’ll learn how to define and approach your renovation project with their charts, questionnaires, and sketch pages.

2. Know Your Budget

One of the most important tips for designing your dream home is to budget accordingly. It is a must to be upfront about your budget. You cannot successfully build your dream home if you are not aware of how much it costs. You don’t want an unfinished and unlivable home in the end, right? 

Typically, you allot a minimum budget and a maximum budget that includes contingencies in case of unforeseen expenditures. Your minimum budget includes all the essential items that are needed to build a livable home. 

The budget should be able to give you enough cash to purchase hard materials, windows, doors, roof and ceiling. It must also include finishes, fixtures and appliances not to forget furniture. On the other hand, the maximum budget is allocated for material and labour cost changes and change of design decisions. 

  1. Budget Planner

Keeping a record of your expenses using this excellent hardback budget planner which comes with 2 sheets of stickers , sturdy inner pockets and quick start instructions on how to budget. This will allow you to keep on track of your spendings month to month and how to budget suitably.   

3. Maximize Space Through Open Plan

An open plan house can offer many benefits; more light throughout the house, better ventilation and of course, gives you more space. If you have kids, an open plan can be safer because it gives you an open sight. Additionally, It provides better flow in activities and traffic. If you are more of a traditional homeowner, you can opt not to design an open plan since it is a modern home layout. 

  1. Measuring tape

The last thing you want to do is purchase the furniture and appliances in the wrong size and then for it not to fit in your home. Therefore it is a viral process to use a measuring tape to get the accurate measurements to give you an realistic idea of how to go about with designing your dream home accordingly.

4. Research and Know Your Style

With the Internet, it is much easier for you to find different styles and designs. But it could be confusing right? You can find almost anything on the internet now and this could be overwhelming for you. Pinterest is a great online tool to streamline your choices and for creating your overall vision board so you can be specific on what you like. Then you can simply narrow down your style choices to ones you really like and research on how much it would cost, or is it buildable? Also, one common way to potentially design your dream home is by setting a budget. 

Apart from design, It is also good to research the materials. Is it durable? Will it cost me too much? Is it practical? Materials specifications and costs are available on different builders’ websites. This could give you a sense of how much is your home to build.

  1. Home styling book

You may draw inspiration from this book and get ideas on how to create your own unique style, and you will find a range of different home styles, designs, materials, and colors. Additionally, this book highlights numerous easy, achievable and economical ways to make your home look great. 

  1. Colour  chart cards

The RAL 3-in-1 bundle lets you transform your home designs and let your creativity flourish. It allows you to easily identify, match, and check the colour of paints and coatings.

5. Sketch 

With the previous items in mind, you should be able to sketch the layout. If you are not a professional, you can just draw boxes of rooms and analyze if it will give you better space and flow. You can also try home planner software and tools that can greatly help you to envision your dream home. There are mobile apps and computer software that is easy to operate even if you do not have technical knowledge. 

Try to Compare our available home designer software. Each software has powerful tools that will help you visualize what you want.

6. Sketch book 

interior design work book

Another great way to plan and showcase your designs is through ‘The Interior Design Workbook’, which is perfect for sketching.In this book, you can create an interior design schematic by incorporating: rough sketches, guides, measurements, and cut- outs.

6. Get Professional Advice

Professional Advice from Architect

Of course, new homes require building control approval. One of the important tips for designing your dream home is to ask for professional advice from an architect. They have the technical knowledge to help you design an efficient, practical, building control compliant home. They have the responsibility to deliver a more detailed and technical plan for home construction.

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