Tutorial Videos

Getting Started

How To Download

How to purchase and download software


Installation and Startup

Install and Activate Software, Starting A New Project

Understanding Interface

Learn more on the interface and tools available in the software

Drawing Walls (Polygonal)

Learn more on drawing walls using the polygonal input method (Continuous walls)

Drawing Walls (Other Input)

Learn more on drawing walls using other input methods

Adding Doors (Free Position)

Learn more on adding doors by free positioning input method

Adding Doors (Other Input)

Learn more on adding doors using other input options

Adding Windows

Learn more on adding windows using different methods and types

Rooms Tool

Learn more on creating a room complete with walls.

Adjusting Rooms

Learn more on adjusting room size manually.

Adding New Floor

Learn more on adding upper and lower levels.

Balcony, Terrace, Carport

Learn more on inserting balcony, terrace and carports

Adding Stairs

Learn more on adding stairs of different types


Learn how to add different types of roof

Sample House Plans

Simple House Plan

Simple Guide to drawing a house plan.

Pinterest House Plan

Got Pinterest Inspiration? Le's try to draw a house plan using the image. View Tutorial Page to also download the source demo file.

View Tutorial

Two Storey House

Create a 2 Storey House Design using 3D Architect from Start to Finish! Learn more on how to use the software easily.

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