3D Kaiwa Easy Home Planner

3D Kaiwa Easy Home Planner

We are in the process of building the world’s BEST 3D home planner.

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Drawing floor plans has never been easier. Gone are the days when you needed to spend hundreds on architectures to create home designs. We bring to you the ultimate 3D home CAD drawing plan 3D Kaiwa Home Planner.

The new free 3-D app 3D Kaiwa Home Planner has been designed for beginners and experts. This app is ideal and suitable for self-builders and the app is very easy and user-friendly to use.

3D Kaiwa Home Planner allows you to design and draw walls, floor plans, kitchen layouts which can be viewed and easily developed into a 2D or a 3D print. The free 3D app gives you the feature to turn your home design plans into live 3D plans. However, the free 3D app is limitless and you can make your vision come alive.

Since the app is built for self-builders it features real-life measurements or a simple ruler drawing. Not only this but the floor plans come alive by adding furniture, colours and decor, this really allows you to visualise and make changes as needed.

3D Kaiwa Home Planner easily allows you to create the following:

  • Floor plans
  • House plans
  • Apartment plans
  • Condominiums
  • Kitchen layouts
  • Bathroom layouts
  • Furniture plans
  • Decks
  • Cabin plans
  • Outdoor areas
  • Office plans
  • Commercial & Retail Space


Once you create your dream plan you can easily print, email or simply download the floor plans to scale or through the simple format. The app will format your drawings into PDF, JPEGS and PNG format.

Super simple and easy!

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