Fast tips and habits to improve winter home insulation

Fast tips and habits to improve winter home insulation

To improve insulation against cold weather, we can adopt a series of habits that will allow us to keep the house warm without wasting energy:

1. Program heating in advance. If you make sudden temperature raises, the bill increases more than if you keep the house at a constant temperature.

2. Replace the boiler with a low consumption one. It is an important investment, but it is recovered by saving on the bill.

3. Use curtains and blinds as insulation. If at night we close the blinds well and draw the curtains, the house will keep the heat accumulated during the day.

4. Place reflective panels behind the radiators. According to Consumers Organizations, it will allow you to save between 10% and 20% of consumed energy since the heat reflects in them send it back the room and not through the wall.

5. Close kitchen and window doors. These rooms have security slits through which heat leaves and, at the same time, cold enters, so it is necessary to avoid that this energy exchange spreads throughout the house. (Warning: Don’t ever close or block these security slits, their function is to keep rooms ventilated in case of gas escape and prevent humidity condensations).

6. Install double glazed windows. These usually come mounted on thermal break PVC frames. Modern windows are not cheap but not prohibitively expensive also and will allow you to save up to 50% of heat.

7. Check exterior doors and windows, in order to detect possible cracks or leaks by the frame itself. If this is the case, they must be sealed with putty or silicone or weatherstripping must be installed, as the cold from the outside enters through these cracks.

8. Rely on decoration elements to gain degrees. When we place carpets in the floors and thick curtains we manage to have a warmer home, in addition, we generate a more acoustically comfortable space since these elements absorb the noises, they do not reverberate them.

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