Four Floor Planning Options for a Rectangular House

Four Floor Planning Options for a Rectangular House

For many people, rectangle-shaped houses can be too simple and bland. But for others, this type of construction can mean the answer to their dreams, as many people value simplicity in the design of homes.

Simple floor planning and distributions without nooks and crannies gain more and more adepts in front of the old houses full of sinuosities and useless corners. Modern homes use minimum partitions and have no large division areas. In this post we will give different ideas to distribute a rectangular-shape house .

We will take as a model a one floor house of about 100 square meters.

One Bedroom Loft Type House

casa rectangular 1
One bedroom loft plan

As we see in the image, the idea is to execute the minimum partitions when separating the different rooms, while preserving the privacy of each one.

The entrance would give access to the living-dining room. Additionally, The kitchen is integrated, discretely separated by a bar, the office and strategically located behind the entrance door.

In the background, and separated by the same furniture, would be the bedroom, which has a dressing room in the corner.

In the central area of the house, discreetly located, would be the bathroom, being really the only room that has partitions as such.

Two-Bedroom House

casa rectangular 2
Two-bedroom house plan

Entrance hall would give direct access to the living-dining room-kitchen. There will be no separations to give greater breadth to the day-living area. From the living room, we have access to resting areas consisting of two rooms, which in this case have a shared toilet.

Traditional Three-Bedroom House

casa rectangular 3
Three-bedroom house plan with garden

In this case, it is a more traditional dwelling with three bedrooms. The porch/garage will serve as the access. At the entrance, we would find the living-dining room. Through which the rest of the rooms of the house would have access.

A “day zone”, consisting in a living-dining room, kitchen and a bathroom would be separated. The “night zone”, composed by three bedrooms, each one with its own bathroom.

Three-Bedroom House With All Rooms Separated

casa rectangular 4
Three-bedroom house plan with privacy

For the more conservative or traditional, as far as the separation of the rooms is concerned, this type of dwelling is proposed: Each piece is separated from the others, although all of them are neatly connected to make habitability and functionality simple.

Access to the house is through the living-dining room. The living-dining room is located next to the kitchen and just in front of the main bathroom. Just in front of the living room we have a bedroom, and the other two, one of them with bathroom, are located at the end of the corridor.

These are just a few ideas regarding the distribution of a rectangular house. There would be countless ways to do it, depending on the needs and preferences of each family. Remember to list down your needs and available square meters. Make some first sketches and then you’ll be ready to start with computer aided technical drawings.

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