How to replace my house water pipes

How to replace my house water pipes

House plumbing. Renovating your water pipes

How to replace old water pipes
Plumbing refurbishments are very common in old houses that need a complete refurbishment. Renovating the facilities of a house can be very expensive, however, if we contact specialized companies and compare different budgets, we can renovate our house pipes for a very reasonable price.

In this case, we are going to analyze everything that the reforms of plumbing imply in relation to the pipes.

Renovation of old pipes
Traditional pipes were made of lead or galvanized iron. These materials served the basic function of transporting water throughout the home, however, these materials degrade rapidly, producing leaks and rust.

Copper pipes also have this type of problem, which is why we are currently working with lighter and more resistant materials such as PVC pipes. The main cause of pipe changing has to do with the complete renovation of the water installation, replacing worn copper or iron pipes with a more actual conductive system.

Pipe reform in phases
Replacing my house water pipes is easy but tricky. To carry out plumbing renovation and replacement, the first thing we must do is to analyze the entire circuit. Once we have mapped the network of pipes in the house, we can begin to remove the entire circuit trying to intervene as little as possible in the structure of the house.

For the new installation, the material currently used is cross-linked polyethene, a material that hardly suffers corrosion or deformation over time. PVC pipes are also used, especially in the drainage area.

Finally, the relevant masonry work has to be carried out in order to recover the areas damaged by the renovation.

Benefits of replacing the pipes in a house
Copper is not a suitable material for conducting water, especially in hot water installations. Hot water wears out the pipe’s interior and damages them, in addition, continued consumption of copper can be toxic, so they must be replaced in drinking water facilities.

Iron rust easily and is not very malleable, which is why it has long since ceased to be an option in the installation of pipes for homes.

PVC and cross-linked polyethene are two very corrosion-resistant materials, they do not rust and their parts are perfectly fixed by means of special adhesives.

Check out his fur further materials and prices on when you get ready to replace your house water pipes:

Using plumbing software
Our 3D Architect software range can also act as a plumbing software, helping you add symbols and basic plumbing layouts. Have a look at our compare house design software page for more information. You can compare versions of this software here.

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