Reasons to Waterproof Your Basement

Reasons to Waterproof Your Basement

Basement serves a lot of purposes in many homes. Some basements functions as storage area, some may keep it as a mancave and some as additional living space. Not only that, basement serve as the base of your home. Therefore, considering a well-built basement and free from any future risks is important. One risk that many homeowner experience is leaks. Damage, moist and flood due to leaks happen if you don’t have basement waterproofing. Here are some reasons to waterproof your basement:

1. Protection From Flood

One main reason why most basements get damaged is the flash flood. Flooding in the basement is a serious issue which can damage your valuables. That is why one purpose of waterproofing is to seal cracks on the walls and floors. Aside from this, installing sump pump and proper drainage is a good way to prevent any flooding incidents. Consequently, It avoids other complications listed in this article.

2. Keeps Home Foundation Strong

One of the most important reasons to waterproof your basement is that your basement is part of the home’s foundation. This means that any issues of the basement have effects and may risk the foundation of your house. Remember that foundation can shift and settle over time due to changes in moisture levels. This may lead to cracks that can allow more moisture and leakage in your basement and eventually threaten the structural integrity of your home.

3. Inhibits Growth of Molds and Mildew

A wet basement can be a breeding ground for microorganism growth like molds and mildew. If remained untreated, this can then spread from your basement to different parts of your home causing health problems for your family. This can also eventually lead to deterioration. Preventing water and moisture in the basement can be done through waterproofing.

4. Save Energy Bill

Cracks can be a major factor in heat loss which can cost you more energy in cooling down or heating your house. Moreover, during summer, humidity level rises in the basement which can also raise your bills by 10 to 15 percent to cool down the place. With the right and proper waterproofing, this issue can be resolved. Thus keeping your home cool or warm.

5. Prevent Hazards

A moist or humid basement can be a major hazard waiting to happen just below your very own home. Electrical wiring in the basement, exposed or not can be a danger to your family.

6. Increased Home Value

A waterproofed basement can increase your home’s value. If you are planning to resell your home, a safe and sound basement is an advantage.


If you are concerned about your basement having not waterproofed properly, you may ask for a professional assistance. Choose a waterproofing contractor that has track record and positive reviews, offering longer warranty and guarantees every work.

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