Kitchen Improvement Tips

Kitchen Improvement Tips

The kitchen is one of the most used areas in your home and the central part of the house. Since the kitchen is the center of the home, it’s one of the most valued area of every homeowner. Therefore, more homeowners choose to renovate their kitchen more than other spaces in the house. Also, Renovating your kitchen may also help increase the worth of your home. Here are our some Kitchen Improvement Tips to help increase your home’s value:

Here are the main reasons why you should Improve your kitchen:

  1. Gain More space to keep more things and be more well-organized.
  2. Change the look to modern style
  3. Extend counter, or Add Island for more workspace

1. Determine What You Need

One of the most important step in improving your kitchen is deciding on what you really want. Of course, decide on what you want based on your budget. Ask yourself: Do you need more space for food preparation? Do you need more space for storage? Do you need more space for gathering or dining? These questions will be the basis on what things do you need to change and what needs to be added.

If you need more space for storage, Introduce more overhead cabinets, organize cabinets with shelves or wall hung organizers. And If you need more workspace, see If you have space for kitchen counter extension or possibility of an island counter.

2. Setting the Budget

According to HouseholdQuotes UK, the average cost of a kitchen renovation is £8,000. Big chunk of the budget goes to cabinetry, hardware and appliances.

Remember that every kitchen is different, so budget depends on really what is necessary. If you need more storage than new counter or flooring, allocate more budget in kitchen organizers, cabinetry and hardware.

3. Start with Appliances

If you are planning to change your appliances, make sure to buy it first -or at least know the model before planning for new cabinets and shelves. Sizes of appliances vary and may affect your cabinet and kitchen re-layout. Modern kitchens have hobs and ovens, and even refrigerators which are built-in inside the cabinets. Although they are not visible, they are still functional and space saving.

4. Countertops

Wood Counters for Kitchen
Wood Countertop is also an option

Choosing a kitchen counter is an important part of your kitchen improvement. You can choose from granite to quartz as your material. In addition to material type, there’s also color scheme, function and layout to consider. Choose your countertop finish first before any other finishes. Consider budget: It can cost more per square foot than the other finishes in your kitchen. It also has the biggest impact on your colour palette.

You can check our tips on choosing the best countertop material here.

5. Lighting

Kitchen Lighting Example
A well lit kitchen with under cabinet lighting

Make sure that your kitchen is well-lit. Use light that is classified as task lighting. According to Earthled, recommended lighting brightness level is 4,000 to 8,000 Lumens and Color Temperature from 2700k to 5000k. Put under cabinet lighting at all areas if possible. Counter space lighting is very important to make sure food is prepared correctly.

6. Layout


  • Make separate sections for utensils
  • Create stand-alone drawers for spoons and knives and keep it away from the children
  • Store towels in a cabinet near the space for cleanup
  • Place a shelf beside or behind your range to keep cooking oil and spices within your reach


  • Install enough outlets along the backsplash area and on the island to make sure you have enough electric supply for your appliances


  • Choose hardware according to your budget. Remember that hardware such as cabinet pulls, hinges, latches can change the entire look of the kitchen.


  • There are a number of flooring options available. Choose a flooring that is low maintenance especially that the kitchen is the most used area in the house. Many people still choose wood, vinyl or tiles as their flooring. Preferably, tile will be the best option as it is low maintenance, easy cleaning and durable for everyday use.

Improving Kitchen is a good idea If you want to improve or upgrade your home’s resale value. We hope that our Kitchen Improvement Tips to Help Increase Your Home’s Value helps you in

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