The Right Main Entry Door

The Right Main Entry Door

The main entry door is the primary gateway to your home. It is the first thing that people see and it gives a first impression to you and your style. Your main entry door together with the windows must match the overall theme of the house. Your main door must also be functional and sturdy enough to secure your home. But how do you choose the perfect main entry door? What are the considerations in choosing the right entry door for your home?


You need to decide what material you want for your Main Entry Door. There are a variety of materials in the market nowadays. Most common is wood. If you like to use wood, make sure to choose a weatherproof, rot-resistant wood such as hardwoods like solid oak, walnut, cherry, maple or mahogany. They are expensive has a longer life span or service span compared to veneered ordinary wood. The advantages of solid wood are its strength and their aesthetic qualities. They are not the first choice if you are on a budget because they are expensive.

You can also look at fiberglass doors because it is durable and can withstand extreme weather and heat. They are also versatile where you can choose from many door designs from wood finish to painted. It is also a good choice because of its low maintenance and a longer warranty period. However, fiberglass doors are still expensive but not as much as the hard wood choices. If you can’t afford a solid hard wood but still want a secure door, you may want to consider a steel door. They are also low maintenance and has a wide variety of designs and finishes. But, steel doors are prone to rusting overtime and can be easily dented if the metal sheet used isn’t thick enough.


The design of the right main entry door is up to your style. Although you have the choice to pick any door design, you must consider the overall theme of your home. You have to pick a door design that fits with your exterior look. Here are two common types of door design:

Panel Door Design
An example of Panel Door Design

Panel Door – Made through the assembly of rails, infill and stiles panels the door is made. The rail and styles can have the moulding look and more traditional than other door designs.

Flush Door –  Is a flat door having smooth surface on both sides and is not divided into any panels. If you want a more seamless look, minimal or simple, you can choose a flush door. Options can be solid core or hollow core.



Aside from the actual door, you need security features as protection to your home. Here are some tips on how to make your main door more secure:

Locks: Front door security begins with your lockset. Your locks should prevent destructive entry, so pick a lock that is heavy duty and from a trusted brand. Look after locks that are specifically for Main doors – such as deadbolts. Deadbolts uses a bolt to extend into a bored hole made in the frame of a doorway. Standard deadbolts use a rim cylinder, opposed to a mortise cylinder.

Main Door Lockset for Security
Keys and lock the door on the background of solar garden

You can also choose mortise lock. These locks are designed for doors using mortise locks, where a box lock is installed into a deep pocket or hole or “mortise” in the edge of the door. You can simply remove and replace the parts without fully replacing the existing lock body.

If you like to go modern, you can choose digital locks. Digital or electronic locks are typically keyless entry and can also be opened through different ways like password entry and fingerprint. Most of the digital locks can also be opened with key as backup, so you don’t have to worry getting locked out if you forgot your password!

Other installation for security – You can also add grilles or security screen on your main door. This is an added security feature for your home or an additional defense line against unwanted visitors.

As homeowner, It is your responsibility to choose the right main entry door that is secure, aesthetically pleasing and within your budget. So choose wisely!

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