Tips on Maintaining Doors and Windows

Tips on Maintaining Doors and Windows

Whether you have aluminium, steel or wood doors and windows, It is important to take proper maintenance. Regular checking and maintenance can prolong its service life. High-quality doors and windows can last ages provided that they are properly maintained. Do not overlook doors and window maintenance as you go over with the other maintenance checks. Below are our tips on maintaining doors and windows.



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1. Regularly Cleaning Routine

Glass Windows and Doors at a Home - Tips on Maintaining Doors and Windows

It is advisable to clean your windows twice a year. Clean them with mild soap and water. Do not use too much water as it can encourage moisture and eventually rust metal parts. Use a mild non-abrasive soap without ammonia which can damage your doors and windows. Wash vinyl and aluminium-framed doors and windows with a mild detergent and soft scrubbing brush. Moreover, clean also the walls nearby.

For wood doors and windows, just wipe down the surface with a sponge or a damp cloth. Use non-abrasive soap if the dirt is excessive. Then, rinse off the surface with plain water. Make sure to remove all soap residue with a cloth.

For Glass surfaces, use speciality glass cleaners. Many homeowners also use homemade glass cleaning solution by mixing water, alcohol and vinegar. This mixture quickly evaporates just like commercially available cleaners. Residue build-up in the corners can be easily cleaned with the use of cotton swabs.

If you have screens installed, remove it first and soak it in water for 15 minutes, you may add soap. You can also pressure wash the screen to remove all dust. Then, wipe down with cloth to dry.

2. Lubricating Hardware

Aside from the sash and glass surface, hardware is also an important part to maintain. Lubricate doors and windows hardware once a year as advised. Doors and windows that are highly used may need twice a year lubrication. These hardware include hinges, handles, locks and cranks. This is to ensure that your doors and windows will operate effortlessly and smoothly. Lubricate the hardware before cold season starts which can freeze the lubricant. First, remove old lubricant. For hinges, door closers, you may use penetrating oil as lubricant. For lock mechanisms that needs lubricating, use dry graphite in a spout-type bottle.

3. Remove and Replace Damaged Parts

Before it worsens, remove and replace damaged parts as soon as possible. Remove deteriorated or cracked wood sash immediately to avoid water penetration that may result to a bigger damage. For metal, aluminium doors and windows, regularly check on dents that may loosen the attachments. This may also result in moisture exposure of interior surfaces and start rusting.

4. Re-apply Sealers


The main reason why you need to re-apply sealers is to assure your home is isolated and waterproofed. Over time, caulk or sealant joints tend to show signs of deterioration, such as cracking and peeling which is unavoidable. Check sealants that are peeling and worn out and replace it with a new sealant. Sealant deterioration may cause potential leaks and air gaps. You may use spray sealant that are widely available in the market. You may check if your sealant have gaps already through a water test.

5. Repainting

Repainting do not only give a fresh look on your doors and windows. It also provides additional weather seal to protect your sash from elements. For example, metal doors and windows need repainting to prevent moisture exposure that can cause rusting. For wood doors and windows, repainting is necessary to protect the wood from deteriorating easily especially if exposed outside. Simply remove the lockset, tape the trims and cover glass surfaces with newspaper and repaint.


We hope that these tips on maintaining doors and windows help you with your home maintenance. Windows and doors are expensive items, It is more efficient and practical to regularly check and maintain these items to avoid replacing too soon. Just like any other home components, the solution to a worry-free home maintenance is just regular checking!

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